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As two professionals who help professional and collegiate athletes succeed throughout their athletic journey, Dr. Catherine Logan, MD & Emily Perrin, LMSW, are well versed in the advancements of injury prevention, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental health & performance,  recovery & rehabilitation.

Dr. Catherine Logan, MD, MBA

Dr. Catherine Logan is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in sports medicine. She is the co-founder of Colorado Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics in Denver, CO.

As a former physical therapist and personal trainer, she embodies a unique skill set that spans the spectrum from injury prevention and performance to injury treatment and recovery. She trained at the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program and The Steadman Clinic, and now serves as Team Physician for USA Lacrosse and US Ski & Snowboard Teams.

Dr. Logan is also the co-host of the popular sports medicine podcast, The Sports Docs Podcast with her former Harvard co-resident, Dr. Ashley Bassett.

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@cloganmd | www.cloganmd.com | @thesportsdocspod | www.thesportsdocspod.com 

Emily Perrin, LMSW 

Emily Perrin, LMSW is a Mental Health Therapist with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. As a former DI soccer player (UVA) and DI soccer coach (UPenn), Emily knows firsthand both the physical and mental demands of the elite athlete. Emily’s unique approach to working with athletes through Mindfulness, meditation, breath work and yoga helps athletes holistically address their mental health, performance and overall well being.

Emily’s current and former clients include athletes and teams at schools like Duke, UVA, Stanford, Michigan, Penn and Villanova. Emily serves as the Director of the Medical Advisory Council for Morgan’s Message, a non profit dedicated to breaking the mental health stigma and educating athletes on mental health.

Find me:

@emilyperrinlmsw | https://www.perrinwellnessperformance.com


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