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ACL Unbroken: 

Your Guide to Physical & Mental Recovery Optimization

Our program is designed to be a comprehensive & well-rounded experience.


This program will enable you access to expert-designed multi-media content to guide you through the recovery process.


Access our written, video and audio-based programming to help you gain the physical and mental skills to thrive through each stage of recovery - from PreHab to Post-Surgery to Return to Sport. 


With UA, you’ll be ready to tackle your recovery head on.


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About UA: 

Dr. Catherine Logan, MD & Emily Perrin, LMSW

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The Unbroken Athlete is a complete athlete both mind and body. 


Unbroken Athlete (UA) was created to build comprehensive mental and physical programs for athletes to support and enhance their journey from PREVENTION to PERFORMANCE to RECOVERY


As two professionals who help professional and collegiate athletes succeed throughout their athletic journey, Dr. Catherine Logan, MD & Emily Perrin, LMSW are well versed in the advancements of injury prevention, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental health & performance,  recovery & rehabilitation.